Varun Dey

25 || Software Engineer, Symantec Corp || Loves everything about web || Puntastic
Chennai, India

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  • pltr
    Browser extension which tells you the progress of the page as you scroll through it

  • Twitter Topic Modelling
    Topic modelling on twitter user profiles. Categorises user's tweet based on Bayesian algorithm.

  • DevRant RSS feed
    RSS feeder for my personal favorite dev app

  • Facebook notification RSS
    A private RSS feed for user's Facebook notifications. Needs Facebook OAuth to authenticate.

  • pydo
    Terminal accessible to-do list manager. Stores the tasks even after the session changes.

  • Chrome PageSpeed Insights Extension
    Check PageSpeed Insights score of the web page with a single click. Used by over thousand users worldwide.

  • ITLO
    A Slack bot which helps SRM SE teammates in checking the status of the lab

  • Semantic search engine on Wikipedia
    Information retrieval system on Wikipedia corpus from DBPedia RDF dumps.

  • GPA Calculator
    GPA calculator to simplify the process of calculating GPA for the students of SRM University.

  • Python mathJS API
    Python wrapper for the popular math library Math.js. Added extra support for string numerals

  • Announcement Informer
    Linux desktop notification app which keeps user up to date with the latest announcement of the university.

  • Foodoh
    A food recommender system which takes in food preference of user and recommends the best restaurant nearby.

Work Experience

  • Symantec Corp, Chennai
    Software Engineer • Aug 2019 - Present
    Helping make browser experience safer and easier with Norton Password Manager and Norton Safe Search/Safe Web

  • Symantec Corp, Chennai
    Jr. Software Engineer • July 2017 - July 2019

  • Symantec Corp, Chennai
    Software Engineer Intern • January 2017 - June 2017
    Worked with Norton Browser Protection team, actively helped in developing Norton IDSafe.

  • SRM Search Engine, Chennai
    Software Developer • March 2014 - April 2016
    Government funded research project. A 'Bharat-centric' semantic search engine which focuses on smart answers and clusters.

  • Probano Educational Services Pvt. Ltd., Virtual
    Software Developer intern • April 2016 - June 2016
    Deploying then current static website on AWS S3. Building website on Flask and deploying on AWS EBS. Later creating the website on WordPress and deploy on AWS EC2.

  • FoodZona, Virtual
    Web Developer intern • August 2015 - October 2015
    Creating UX/UI for the website and building it using HTML/CSS/JS. Used Pyton-CGI and MySQL as backend tools.