Varun Dey

(+91)900 322 9342

B6F Ceedeyes Regal Palm Gardens, Chennai, TN, India


To create value for the general population with an opportunity to prove my skills in the growth of the organization along with personal career advancement as successful achievements.


Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science and Engineering June 2013 — May 2017

SRM University, Chennai
CGPA: 8.50/10


REST APIs, backend software development, databases, open source contribution, Linux shell scripting, data mining, web development

Work experience

Symantec Corporation, Chennai July 2017 — Present

Associate Software Engineer
  • Developed Business Intelligence metrics for Norton for Mac team

Symantec Corporation, Chennai January 2017 — June 2017

Software Engineer Intern
  • Building automated test suite for Norton Safe Search
  • Helped develop Norton IDSafe for browser, along with writing unit tests and automation tests

SRM Search Engine March 2014 — April 2016

Senior Software Developer
  • A research project funded by Govt. of India (NIXI)
  • Responsible for building smart answer modules
  • Implemented image search
  • Duck Duck Go inspired cheat sheet which helps in quickly setting up templating modules

ProBano Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. April 2016 — June 2016

Software Developer Intern
  • Migrating the current static website on Amazon AWS S3 storage
  • Creating a dynamic web app of the website on Python-Flask and deploying it on AWS Elastic Bean Stalk
  • Building the website on WordPress and deploying it on AWS EC2 instance

FoodZona August 2015 — October 2015

Web Developer Intern
  • Designing and creating UI/UX of the website
  • Building the back-end on Python-CGI using MySQL as the database

Open Source Projects

  • Facebook Notifications RSS [ Python Flask, Facebook Graph SDK, ngrok ]
    A private RSS feed for user's facebook notification. Can be used with any RSS reader.
  • pydo [ Python, SQLite, Bash ]
    Terminal accessible to-do list manager. Stores the tasks even after the session changes.
  • Chrome PageSpeed Insights ExtensionJavaScript, Google API ]
    Checks PageSpeed Insights score of the web page with a single click. Average 1K downloads per month.
  • ITLOPython Django, PostgreSQL, Slack API, Heroku ]
    A Slack bot which helps SRM SE teammates in checking the status of the lab in real time
  • Semantic search engine on WikipediaPython, Flask, MongoDB, ELK, DBPedia, CronDB ]
    An information retrieval system on Wikipedia corpus from the DBPedia RDF dumps
  • Search Engine cheat sheetPython Flask, NLTK, ELK, DuckDuckGo ]
    A super extensible templating cheat sheet for quickly creating smart modules. Inspired by DuckDuckGo's ZeroClickInfoGoodies.
  • DuckDuckGo contributorJSON ]
    Contributor to DuckDuckGo’s Zero-Click Info Goodies which has been deployed to production.
  • GPA CalculatorjQuery, HTML, CSS ]
    GPA Calculator to simplify the process of calculating GPA for the students of SRM University
  • Python mathJS APIPython, Bottle, Math.js ]
    Python wrapper for the popular Javascript math library. Added extra support for string numerals
  • Announcement InformerPython, BeautifulSoup, cronTab, Linux notifier ]
    Linux desktop notification app which keeps user up to date with the latest announcement of the university
  • FoodohPython, BeautifulSoup, NLTK, Google API ]
    A food recommender app which takes in food preference of the user and recommends the best restaurant nearby.

Technical Skills

Languages                    -    Advanced Python, Intermediate Java & C, Beginner Shell & JavaScript
Frameworks                  -    Django, Flask, Django Rest Framework, NLTK, bs4, Selenium, jQuery, vuejs, Bootstrap
Tools & Infrastructure    -    Linux, git, Github, Amazon AWS, Heroku
Database                       -    MongoDB, ElasticSearch, MySQL, SQLlite, PostgreSQL
CMS                              -    WordPress

Extra Curricular

  • Completed Hacktoberfest 2016 organized online by Digital Ocean
  • Campus Ambassador of HackerEarth since July 2015
  • Senior member at university coding club Code Rumble

Workshops and Seminars attended

  • PyCon India, hosted in Bangalore in October 2015
  • Buildroid and AdSense hosted in Chennai by Google Developers Group Chennai in 2013
  • FOSS Seminar by Danese Cooper on Open Source hosted in Chennai

Personal Details

Date of birth                -        20 February 1994
Hometown                  -        Alwar, Rajasthan India
Languages Known      -        English, Hindi, Bengali and Modern Chinese (Basic proficiency)
Hobbies                      -        Reading novels & tech blogs, music, movies, running, swimming, basketball
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