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Chennai, India

My experience with PySangamam 2018

I recently got an opportunity to speak in front of a few hundred people in a room full of engineers from all sorts of background with Python and boy was it surreal! I am talking about PySangamam 2018 - the very first Tamil Nadu’s Python conference. I have earlier given casual talks in monthly local meetups and took sessions at office but this was my first time at a stage this big and in an official conference. Needless to say I was nervous. The talks were selected through the CFP process - which was same as any other conference talk selection process and I really did not think that my talk would be selected and put up on the conference schedule. I submmitted my talk for a very general concept of programming - Tail Call recursion. I tailored it to fit around Python and how Python handles Tail call recursion. To give a bit more explainining to it, I also added stack frames to it and hence the tilte of my talk became - “Stack Frames and Tail Call Recursion in Python”.

Here is the video if you are interested:

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